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Pheromone Diffusers - do they work?

Pheromones send reassuring and calming messages to pets, providing them with a feeling of security. They can help support pets during anxiety-inducing situations such as the fireworks season.

We asked some of our clients if their pets would be willing to test out Adaptil (dog) or Feliway (cat) pheromone starter kits over Bonfire Night and had plenty of volunteers. Their reviews are featured below:

Pet: Dusty (Shih Tzu)
Tested: Adaptil starter kit


“Well WOW is all I can say!!!

The difference from New Years Eve to Bonfire Night with fireworks was amazing, our furbaby ‘Dusty’ was petrified at New Years Eve hiding under the table, shaking, wouldn’t be comforted by anyone poor thing.

Bonfire Night this year he was still a little scared but was happy enough to be sat on the sofa in the living room next to me watching TV. Very loud fireworks made him still jump a little but so did I 🙂 but overall much better would definitely consider buying another one next year.”

Pet: Gigi (Ragdoll kitten)
Tested: Feliway starter kit


Bonfire night and New Year’s Eve can be very stressful for our furry companions. My 7 month old ragdoll kitten Gigi has been very afraid of sudden and loud noises like motorcycle engines.

I wanted to make her as calm and relaxed as possible and I was happy to discover Feliway Plug In. I have a spacious apartment and I placed the Plug Ins in my living room and bedroom.

I noticed a change in my cat’s behaviour. She is definitely more affectionate. For example, she likes to cuddle with me in my bed and from time to time she wants me to pet her. Before she hardly ever noticed me. She is still playful and full of kitten energy.

With regards to scary noises – she is coping with them much better. During Bonfire Night she definitely noticed the sounds but seconds later she was returning back to playing. She is not running away or hiding behind the sofa. I am very relieved!

Thanks to Feliway Gigi is living way more relaxed life and she is getting more friendly with me.” 


Pet: Eddie (poodle)
Tested: Adaptil starter kit


“We started to use the adaptil diffuser plug in on Thursday 12th October, in the hope that it might help ease the effects of the boom, banging fireworks, leading up to and including bonfire night. We noticed almost immediately, although it took us a few days to actually make the connection, that ‘Eddie’ appeared to be a lot more relaxed at home……we had questioned whether he may be ailing for something as he was lying around more than normal, though he appeared to be absolutely fine in himself in every other way…..we then realised, that he had been like this since plugging in the adaptil …..

Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for the Diwali festival celebrations that commenced on the 19th October for a period of 5 days. Sadly Eddie was extremely stressed and concerned with the noise, even quiet ones in the far distance….pacing around, salivating, not able to settle, and generally upset by the whole thing. This seemed to continue much into November, leading up to and including bonfire night itself on the 5th November. We will continue to use the adaptil up until the New Year to see if it will have any long term effects as the Celebration season starts again”.

Both Adaptil and Feliway products can be obtained from your local practice. Please note that these products can be used in conjunction with other treatments, so if the effect is only partial then you may want to discuss complimentary methods with your vet.

If you are concerned about anxiety in your pet or would like to know more about how pheromones can help then book an appointment with one of our vets.

Click here for more information on Adaptil products and here for more information on Feliway products.




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