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Mon-Fri: 8.30am – 7pm

Sat: 8.30am – 12.30pm

The Boulevard, Weston Favell
Shopping Centre, Northampton, NN3 8JP

Award winning

Our focus on quality has resulted in thousands of five star reviews and the highest recognition by the Sunday Times.


Caring for the local community

We work tirelessly to support local schools, community groups and charities to promote responsible pet ownership.


Complete Wellness Plan

Exclusive to White Cross Vets we offer the only health care plan wholly designed to extend the life of your pet


Unlimited free vet consultations
Contact the practice to join your pet onto our Complete Wellness Plan and receive unlimited free veterinary consultations. Unlimited? Really? Absolutely! All pets who are on our Complete Wellness Plan are entitled to…
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Free treatment for school pets
We love pets At White Cross Vets we think teaching children about responsible pet care is incredibly important and we believe every classroom should have a pet. That’s why we…
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Free health check for rescued pets
Book your new rescued or rehomed pet in for their free vet health check online or by phoning the practice. We’re here to support you and your new pet We…
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Free dental health checks
Book your pet in for their free dental health check online or by phoning the practice. What does a dental health check involve? Our free dental health check is with one…
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Save 50% off the cost of neutering
Contact the practice to join our Complete Wellness Plan and save on your pet’s preventative health care. Save up to £100 when you neuter your pet One of the many benefits…
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Free vet check for all new pets
Book your pet in for their free vet health check online or phone the practice. What does a vet health check involve? Our free nose to tail health check is with one of…
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Free cuddle clinics for new pets
Book your puppy or kitten in for their free cuddle clinic online or phone the practice. What is a cuddle clinic? A cuddle clinic is a free full nose to tail health check…
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Free weight clinics
Book your pet in for their free weight clinic online or phone the practice to start the journey to their ideal weight. Why book a weight clinic for your pet? Unfortunately, pet…
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