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Keep your pets safe on Bonfire Night

neutering dogsRemember remember the 5th of November… While bonfire night celebrations can be a lot of fun for us humans, the most important thing for pet owners to remember, is that their furry friends might not enjoy the festivities quite so much.

We know that Cats and dogs especially can get very nervous and/or stressed at this time of year, especially as the fireworks aren’t usually confined to just the one night anymore. There are things you can do to help your pets get through it though, and with a little consideration and planning ahead, you can definitely keep their distress to a minimum.

Know What’s Going On

Ahead of time, make sure you know when and where any ‘big’ firework displays are happening in your local area, so that you can be prepared. There’s nothing worse than having a relaxed evening at home interrupted by crashes and bangs that spook your poor pet into chaos.

Adjust Your Routine

If your usual dog walk is likely to coincide with a local fireworks display, then consider changing the time or your route for the duration. By simply keeping your pet ‘out of the firing line’ so to speak, you can help to minimise their stress.


Be Prepared

Nobody likes to fear the worst, but it makes sense to find out about your local emergency vets or out of hours vet services, just in case. Also, gather an extra blanket or two in case your dog wants to make a ‘den’ to hide away from the noise, bring any outside hutches in for the duration and…

Make Sure Your Pet is Microchipped

If the worst happens and your dog does bolt on hearing a stray bang while you’re out walking, having his microchip details up to date will at least give you extra peace of mind when it comes to finding him. The same goes for cats who are allowed to room – fireworks could easily spook them and encourage them to wander further than usual, to a point where they end up not being able to find their way home.


Microchipping your pet is a quick and easy procedure – at White Cross Vets, it’s included in the cost of our Complete Wellness Plan and it really is invaluable in terms of security and peace of mind.

Talk to your Vet

If you’re concerned about your pet around bonfire night, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Our friendly vets are more than happy to offer advice, for senior pets with known anxiety especially. You can find out more about pheromone diffusers designed to relax your furry friend as well as a range of other medication.

Bonnie with Sophie WX Tividale V2

On The Night

Keep your pets indoors, keep all your doors and windows closed, but do keep internal doors opened so that your pets don’t feel ‘trapped’. Block out as much noise as possible by drawing curtains, putting on the TV, or playing music – ideally louder than normal. Your dog might choose to sit with you for comfort, or hide away somewhere they feel safe – if they do the latter, don’t try to coax them out as you’ll only make them more fearful. Similarly, cats will likely find their own hiding places and are best left alone when they do!

kings heath bee bee rabbit

For rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and other small pets, provide extra bedding as it will help keep out the noise and make hiding easier. You could also cover their cage with a blanket as ‘sound proofing.’

How does your pet react to Bonfire Night and Fireworks? Do you have any top tips of your own that help to keep them calm?



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