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Halloween dangers for your pet and how to avoid them


Halloween is a day of spooky fun for most families but there are some dangers that the day poses for our pets.

This blog post aims to uncover these Halloween dangers and advise you how to have a fun and safe Halloween with your family, including your pets.

Chocolate and Sweets

Most owners are aware that chocolate is poisonous to dogs (read our advice on what to do if your pet eats chocolate) however many are unaware of the danger posed by sweets.  Certain sweets, particularly chewing gums contain the sweetener xylitol which is actually even more poisonous to dogs than chocolate.

Packaging can also be dangerous when swallowed by pets, causing choking or blockage of the intestine.

Make sure chocolate, sweets and empty wrappers aren’t left anywhere which is accessible to your pet. Should your pet consume anything it shouldn’t, keep the wrapper where possible and call your local vets immediately.

Trick or treaters at the door

Dogs and cats should be kept inside where possible during Halloween night.

It is also advisable to keep your pet in a separate room during trick or treat hours. This minimises the stress of the continuous opening and closing of the door and ringing of doorbells as well as ensuring your pet cannot bolt from your home if frightened by your scary looking visitors.

Pet Costumes

Lots of families like to dress up for Halloween and this can include dressing up their pets. If you choose to do this, make sure the costume isn’t uncomfortable, constricting or unsafe for your pet and isn’t causing them stress.

Avoid costumes that use elastic bands to keep them in place as these may be chewed by your pet and become a choking hazard. In addition, costumes that obscure your pet’s vision can cause unnecessary stress.

Be careful with candles

Creating a Halloween atmosphere in your home often involves the use of candles. Remember that pets are attracted to bright lights in a darkened room. Be particularly careful with candles around playful puppies and kittens.

Ideally candles should be kept out of reach of pets and pets should NEVER be left alone in a room with candles lit.

Have a spooky and safe Halloween!


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