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Our weight clinics really get results

How many UK pets are overweight?

The number of overweight pet dogs and cats is on the rise. In 2017, White Cross Vets practices held more than 7,000 weight clinics. PDSA research shows that 80% of vets believe there will be more overweight pets than healthy pets within 5 years, and that 81% of vets have seen a rise in pet obesity in the last two years.

Why it’s important that your pet is a healthy weight

If you think that your pet might be overweight, it is important to take action right away. Overweight pets can suffer from a range of health problems including osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Obesity also causes both physical and emotional distress and reduces life expectancy. The sooner a pet can lose weight, the better its chances of leading a longer, healthier life.

What happens during a weight clinic?

Simply bring your pet into a White Cross Vets practice and one of our qualified nurses will weigh them, examine them, and advise you on the best nutrition and exercise plan for them. Most of the owners who attend our clinics switch their pet to a specialist weight loss food, such as Hills Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution, and will quickly see significant weight loss. We will then invite you to attend regular check-ups and weigh-ins to help keep your pet’s weight loss on track until they have reached their target weight.

Book a weight clinic

White Cross Vets offers weight clinic for all four-legged pets. Book your pet in today and help them to stay happy and healthy.

Call your local practice to book a weight clinic or book an appointment online.

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Emergency / Urgent? Please telephone us.