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Join our fabulous puppy parties

Socialise your puppy with others in a safe, playful environment.

Dogs on a Puppy party

Why come along to a puppy party?

Congratulations and welcome to your newest family member! You’ve come along to the practice and introduced your little puppy to us. We’ve checked them over, they’ve had their vaccinations and we’ve talked about how to care for your puppy. All of this is important, but it is a lot to take in in one session. Coming along to one of our puppy parties is a chance to go over any queries you may have in a relaxed and fun environment.

The puppy parties are for young pups who are not yet allowed to go out and socialise with other dogs. They can meet pups their age to play and have fun in a safe environment. There is lots of useful information for Mum and Dad, too.

If you have a puppy and would like to come along to one of our puppy parties, please contact your local practice.
Puppy party requirements

Who can attend a puppy party?

In order to attend a puppy party, your puppy MUST:

  • Have had both vaccinations before attending the party.
  • Be aged between 10 weeks and four months old (for large breed dogs we may reduce this to a maximum age of three months).

You don’t need to be a client of White Cross Vets to attend one of our puppy parties. If you know someone else with a young puppy, why not bring along a friend?

If you are a White Cross Vets client and your friend signs up their pet, we’ll give you both £10 through our recommend a friend offer.

To find details of your nearest free* puppy party, check out the events page for your local practice.

What to expect at a White Cross Vets puppy party

Led by one of our trained veterinary nurses, the sessions generally last an hour and are a great opportunity to make friends with other local pet parents. During the session, your puppy will learn to socialise with others the same age in a safe environment.

Our nurses will talk about:

  • general puppy care
  • what we vaccinate against and why
  • worms and fleas
  • microchipping
  • insurance
  • diet
  • neutering
  • toilet training and behaviour
  • Q & A session


With an emphasis on fun, we’ll make the vets a happy place for you and your puppy to visit:

  • Play with Kong toys and each other.
  • Familiarise your puppy with having their paws, ears and mouth touched to simulate a health check.
  • Learn how to brush their teeth.
  • We’ll give your puppy the opportunity to be handled by other people.

You’ll receive a goody bag along with a framed photo and a certificate. We’ll also add your puppy’s photo to our Facebook page and the puppy party board in our waiting room.

To find details of your nearest free* puppy party check out the events page for your practice.

Learn more about caring for your puppy by reading our blog and advice pages.

*Many parties are free to attend. However, sometimes we may have to charge a small fee to cover the cost of an expert animal behaviourist.

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Emergency / Urgent? Please telephone us.