We are Cat Friendly Clinic accredited

Cat Friendly ClinicWhite Cross Vets strives to provide the highest standards of pet care. We know how stressful coming to the vets can be for our pets, so we do everything possible to turn vet visits into relaxing and happy occasions for both pets and their families.

As a result, we are officially accredited by International Cat Care (iCatCare) as a Cat Friendly Clinic (Silver level). The Silver iCatCare accreditation has been awarded to our practices since 2016.

About the iCatCare accreditation

The International Society of Feline Medicine (the veterinary division of the leading feline charity International Cat Care) developed the Cat Friendly Clinic programme to promote cat well-being and exceptional standards of care for all cats visiting or being hospitalised in a veterinary practice or clinic.

To achieve the accreditation, veterinary practices need to meet strict criteria around the provision of facilities, activities and attitudes aimed at reducing stress in cats and promoting cat health and wellbeing.

Cat friendly clinic logoWhat does a Cat Friendly Clinic look like?

See our cat ward for yourself! Click here to take a virtual tour of the St Helens vets Cat Friendly Clinic.

You can also check out the cat friendly waiting area in Alvaston on YouTube.

What does being a Cat Friendly Clinic mean?

We love doing our fear free vet visits, so becoming a Cat Friendly Clinic was the next natural step. We know that every cat has its own unique personality and temperament, and we are sensitive to each cat’s individual needs. So whether your cat is bold, playful, shy or feisty, our team is fully trained to handle and treat them in the most appropriate way to minimise stress.

Other criteria include having separate dog and cat waiting areas, providing feline-friendly hospitalisation facilities, and using veterinary equipment specifically for treating cats. A full list of our cat friendly services and specialisms can be found below.

Cats can suffer from a range of diseases and ailments, which are different from their canine cousins. Our team is trained to recognise and treat cat diseases, offer specialist cat treatments and preventative healthcare. Ask one of our team how we can help with preventing fleas and worms in cats or about our cat vaccinations prices (all fully covered by our Complete Wellness Plan).

Why neuter a cat?” and “how do I go about changing cat microchip details?” are also common cat care questions. Our expert teams can give specialist advice on every aspect of cat healthcare from the cost of microchipping a cat or the best age for neutering cats, to caring for your new kitten and weight management for cats.

Cat in cat friendly wardOur cat-friendly facilities:

  • Ample and spacious off-street car parking to allow for easy and stress-free cat transport
  • Warm welcome at reception, and optional privacy blanket for your cat’s basket
  • Separate cat waiting area, so your cat can relax out of sight of other pets
  • Pheromone diffusers throughout the practice, which release stress-relieving hormones to mimic those cats receive from their mothers
  • State of the art cat diagnostic and surgical facilities, catering for cats’ smaller different anatomy and physiology
  • Cat-friendly cat ward, with:
    • music that is scientifically designed to reduce stress in cats, played throughout the cat wards
    • spacious cat kennels laid out to prevent sight of other cats
    • hideaway boxes to make cats feel more comfortable in the kennels
    • cosy and comfy bedding
    • a choice of cat litter varieties
    • cat-friendly toys
    • cat weighing scales
    • optional cat kennel privacy door covers
  • Fully appointed cat isolation areas for hospitalisation of infectious cases
  • Quiet examination rooms for individual, private assessment of inpatients
  • Superbly equipped practice to care for critically ill patients


About our cat friendly team:

  • Cat-friendly receptionists able to offer advice on fear-free vet visits, including advice on travelling with your cat
  • Knowledgeable vets, nurses and other clinical support teams who are aware of the unique needs of our feline friends
  • Caring, empathetic handling of cat patients to minimise their stress levels
  • Feline patients handled in a quiet, stress-free environment, away from dogs
  • The team are fully trained in nursing of infectious patients in our isolation areas
  • Veterinary and nursing team on hand six days a week, caring for our feline in-patients
  • A team of anaesthetists with specialist advance knowledge of cat sedation, anaesthesia and pain management

Cat advocates:

We also have a team of specially trained ‘advocats’ at the practice, promoting the highest levels of cat-friendly team behaviour.