10 Ways to Pampurr Your Cat

If you’re a cat owner, you’re probably already aware of what your feline friend likes and doesn’t like – cats are very good at making their feelings known! That said though, we all deserve some extra attention now and again, and since cats make such wonderful pets, here are ten ways you can make them feel like the most fussed over feline in town.

Keep your cat in shape: the expression ‘fat cats’ exists for a reason – over fed cats can quickly become overweight cats, so be sure to choose a healthy cat food and healthy cat treats. If you’re worried your cat is carrying too much weight, talk to your vet, they’ll be able to recommend the best food for cats who need to be more calorie conscious!

Keep your cat busy: cats are naturally curious, so be sure to give them plenty of opportunities to play and explore. You needn’t spend a fortune, in fact most cat owners would probably agree that crunchy paper bags and old cardboard boxes get more attention than expensive cat toys! Just be sure to provide plenty of variety to stop your kitty friend getting bored.

Keep your cat comfortable: again, before you go splashing out on a luxury cat bed, pay attention to where your cat’s favourite nap spots are – chances are they might prefer an old washing basket filled with soft towels! Follow your cat’s lead and they’ll thank you for keeping them cosy.

Let your cat scratch: scratching is a natural instinct for cats, so to avoid them trashing your sofa or the legs of your coffee table, be sure to provide them with an appealing alternative scratching post!
Give your cat some space: Cats are independent by nature and they’ll soon let you know if they’re not in the mood for snuggling – respect their boundaries! You could even give your cat their own private space in your home – perhaps a large upturned box they can go and hide in, or even a lidded litter tray that provides a little privacy!

Indulge your cat: we all like to be spoiled once in a while, so treat your cat to an occasional bag of cat nip, or some raw meat to help keep their teeth in shape – be sure to check with your vet before adding to or changing their diet though.

Keep your cat hydrated: cats can be very fussy about their drinking water – if it’s left out more than an hour or two, they may refuse it altogether , so be sure to provide fresh water at least a few times a day.

Keep your cat healthy: regular checkups at the vet are the best way to keep your cat in good health. Having your cat neutered is a big decision, but neutered cats usually live longer, suffer from less medical conditions and become more loyal, loving pets. Plus of course your female cat won’t have to endure any unplanned pregnancies!

Keep your cat safe: Another gift to give your cat while you’re visiting the vet, is a microchip. Cats are natural born wanderers, and although they’re also very good at finding their way home, the peace of mind that comes from microchipping your pet is invaluable. If your cat is allowed to come and go as they please, it’s also a good idea to invest in a microchip cat flap. Microchip cat flaps are much safer than old fashioned styles because only your cat will be able to enter your home as and when they please!

Make your cat feel loved: Of course the most important way to make your cat feel like the luckiest kitty in the world, is to simply lavish them with love and attention. After all, there are few better feelings than a contented cat purring away on your lap.

Do you pamper your puss? Is your cat’s every need catered to? We’d love to hear your stories and see your photos of your fabulous feline friends!