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The pets of White Cross Vets

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Pets are such huge parts of our families sharing our lives and our homes. They help us through the good times and the bad which is why almost every single team member owns a pet.

Here are just a few of the pets that live with White Cross Vets team members, you’ll see more of our pets on the images around this website and on the walls of our practice when you visit.


Rhodesian Ridgeback

Practice: Liverpool - Gateacre

Favourite toy: The couch

Loves: Cuddling everyone

Age: 12


Border Terrier

Practice: Widnes

Favourite toy: Old football

Loves: Sleeping on the couch

Age: 13



Practice: Widnes

Favourite toy: Squeeky ball

Loves: Rolling in soil

Age: 10


Shih Tzu

Practice: Middlesbrough - Coulby Newham

Favourite toy: Squeaky dinosaur

Loves: Walks and sitting in the sun

Age: 12


Black Labrador

Practice: Redcar

Favourite toy: Horace the horse

Loves: Swimming and retrieving

Age: 9


Jack Russell Terrier

Practice: Liverpool - Gateacre

Favourite toy: Stuffed Pheasant

Loves: Chasing rabbits in the field

Age: 12



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