20% Off Neutering

Save 20% off the cost of neutering

Contact the practice to join our Complete Wellness Plan and save on your pet’s preventative health care.

Save money on neutering your pet

One of the many benefits of our Complete Wellness Plan is the 20% discount received off the cost of neutering for cats and dogs, saving money.

Rabbits on the Complete Wellness Plan also benefit from a saving of 20% off neutering.

Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is available to all cats and dogs who are members of the Complete Wellness Plan.

Why neuter your pet?

Neutering can provide many practical benefits: your pet will be more content and far less likely to roam, bite, scratch, fight, mark territory or develop uterine, mammary or testicular cancer.

Having your pet neutered should save you money on future veterinary care – the latest medical findings indicate that your pet, male or female, will be healthier and live a longer life if they are neutered.

You can find further information on neutering your dog here or neutering your cat here.

What is the Complete Wellness Plan?

At White Cross Vets, we believe prevention is better than cure. The Complete Wellness Plan allows us to provide your pet with the very best possible preventative healthcare at an affordable and cost-effective monthly price, as well as providing us with the opportunity to discover the early signs of illness and disease.

Exclusive to White Cross Vets clients, the plan covers the cost of all the routine healthcare that your pet needs throughout the year, unlimited free consultations plus the most comprehensive annual physical examination available anywhere. Find out more about the Complete Wellness Plan.

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