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Most popular designer cross breed dogs;

Why and how things have changed in the last 10 years

We’ve analysed our database of dogs registered between 2006 and 2016 to compare trends in dog ownership. The analysis showed a significant trend towards designer cross breed dogs when contrasting the two periods. See our infographic and read on to learn more about our findings!

What is a designer cross breed dog?

A designer cross breed dog is usually a dog deliberately bred from two distinct and known pedigree breeds, where the parent’s lineage is documented and clear. Occasionally there may be more than two breeds at grandparent or great grandparent level, but two breeds only are the most usual breeding method. Often called “designer dogs”, designer cross breeds combine the best elements of different breeds to produce a “designer pet” more suited to an owner’s needs. Factors such as size, appearance and hypo-allergenic properties are common considerations when breeding designer dogs.

The 10 most popular designer cross breed dogs

In popularity order, the ten most popularly owned designer cross breed dogs from our data are:

  1. Cockapoo – (Cocker Spaniel / Poodle) – 299 in 2016, a 3,738% rise from 8 in 2006
  2. Labradoodle – (Labrador / Poodle) – 120 in 2016, a 38% rise from 87 in 2006
  3. Jug – (Jack Russell Terrier / Pug) – 82 in 2016, a rise from 1 in 2006!
  4. Cavachon – (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Bichon Frise) – 80 in 2016, none in 2006!
  5. Cavapoo – (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Poodle) – 79 in 2016, none in 2006!
  6. Sprocker – (Springer Spaniel / Cocker Spaniel) – 43 in 2016, a 358% rise from 12 in 2006
  7. Maltipoo – (Maltese / Poodle) – 37 in 2016, a rise from 1 in 2006
  8. Puggle – (Pug / Beagle) – 30 in 2016, none in 2006!
  9. Golden Doodle – (Golden Retriever / Poodle) – 26 in 2016, a rise from 1 in 2006!
  10. Shorkie – (Chihuahua / Yorkshire Terrier) – 22 in 2016, a 1,100% rise from 2 in 2006

The 5 most popular poodle designer cross breed dogs

Poodle designer cross breeds are undoubtedly the most popular type of designer dog. From the time the Labradoodle was first bred in 1988, interest in Poodle designer cross breeds has soared. Five of the top ten designer cross breeds were Poodle cross breeds, the Cockapoo, Labradoodle, Cavapoo, Maltipoo and Golden Doodle. Poodles have proved to be very effective in cross-breeding and Poodle cross breeds have proven to be family-friendly dogs.

Benefits of designer cross breed dogs

There are many benefits to ownership of designer cross breed dogs, which is why there is such a trend in popularity to owning these as pets.

Summarised below are some of the main benefits:

  • Family-friendly – Designer cross breed dogs often blend the best elements of two distinct breeds and have a good reputation for being family-friendly pets
  • Gene pool diversity – Cross breeds diversify the gene pool by cross-breeding two breeds
  • Hypoallergenic – Many of the designer cross breed varieties are hypoallergenic, enabling people with allergies to own them. This in fact was the original reason for the breeding of the now legendary Labradoodle
  • Less exercise – Although not a healthy option, the designer cross breeds being smaller dogs are perceived to require less exercise than larger breeds, this is a great help to owners with busy lifestyles
  • Lower cost of ownership – Designer cross breed dogs tend to be smaller and therefore:
    1. Take up less space, and
    2. Will cost less in food bills

Trend towards smaller dog ownership

Meet Amber, the Jackahuahua
Meet Amber, the Jackahuahua

One of the reasons for the increase in designer cross breeds is undoubtedly the smaller size, which is attractive for a number of reasons (cited above). There are only so many dog owners, so the growth in designer cross breeds is causing a corresponding drop in heavier established pedigree breeds.

A snapshot of the findings are provided below:

  • Rottweiler (Weight 35kg-48kg) – 54 in 2016, is a 75% drop from the 218 in 2006
  • Boxer (Weight 30kg-32kg) – 50 in 2016, is a 72% drop from the 181 in 2006
  • Bulldog (Weight 18kg-23kg) – 66 in 2016, is a 53% drop from the 141 in 2006
  • Lurcher (Weight 27kg-32kg) – 54 in 2016, is a 38% drop from the 87 in 2006
  • German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian) (Weight 25kg-40kg) – 176 in 2016, is a 38% drop from the 282 in 2006

Contrast the weights above to designer cross breeds and it’s easy to see that there is a trend to ownership of smaller dogs. Here are how some of the designer cross breeds weigh in – Cockapoo (Weight 5kg-10kg), Cavachon (Weight 6kg-8kg), Maltipoo (Weight 3kg-9kg), Puggle (Weight 7kg-14kg) and Jug (Weight 5kg-7kg).

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All dogs large and small are welcome at White Cross Vets

Whatever type of dog you own, designer cross breed, pedigree or mongrel – large or small, they are all given a warm welcome at White Cross Vets. We hope to see you soon in one of our family run veterinary practices soon.

Most popular designer cross breed dogs infographic


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