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Published: Tuesday January 24 2017 by Clare Doolan

'Snitch' 14 years agoFrom time to time we hear of such an amazing discovery of a long lost pet. This time it was our very own veterinary nurse Rachel Wells of our Wolverhampton vets practice, who was reunited with her cat Snitch after 14 year
s. Snitch was recently brought into a vet where they scanned his microchip and called Rachel straight away to give her the extraordinary news. Now renamed Tiger, he’s been living a comfortable new life with adopted owner Roger Colbourne of the Black County Living Museum Maintenance Team.

Keeping microchips up to date

When Snitch first went missing all those years ago, Rachel and her family spent six months desperately searching for him. They knocked on doors, created posters for their lost cat and checked all of the local vets to see if he had been handed in. A local woman recognised his picture and mentioned that she had been feeding him but she hadn’t seen him around for a while. Rachel assumed the worst but didn't give u
p hope. Each time she moved house, she updated his microchip details just in case he resurfaced.

Rodger and Tiger

Roger and Tiger in the workshopOne day 12 years ago Rodger spotted a tabby cat hiding under some wood at the carpenter's shop of the Black County Living Museum. He seemed a bit scared but Rodger shared some of his lunch and he made a new friend instantly. Each day Rodger made sure he brought in some extra food for his new pal. He knew that come winter time, it would be cold so he spoke with his manager and they agreed to install a cat flap. Tiger found a new home in the carpentry shop and the pair have becomeBest pals - Tiger helped Roger get over the loss of his dog inseparable.

‘I am so happy to have him around me at work, he’s a little ray of light for everyone. Everyone adores him. He’s a lovely cat and I always look forward to giving him 10 minutes in the morning when I get in.’


Rachel and “Snitch” have recently been reunited after a local vet scanned his microchip during a visit which revealed his hidden past. She visited Rodger and her long lost cat at the Black County Living Museum, which is coincidently just across the road from where she now lives with her partner. The big question is, will she take “Snitch” back home now that she’s found him?

‘ Absolutely not! He cou
ldn’t have asked for a better home. Roger has had him a lot longer than I have and the two of them share an unbreakable bond – they only have eyes for each other.’

Microchipping Pets

Everyone at the museum loves TigerThis story has a happy ending and it’s also a lesson in the importance of microchipping both cats and dogs. Cats, curious in nature can wander off or could sustain an injury far away from home. It can be heartbreaking to lose a pet and never know what has happened to them. Did you know that it’s now a legal requirement to have dogs microchipped in the UK? See more about microchipping your pet.

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