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Clare Doolan

Published: Tuesday March 07 2017 by Clare Doolan

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at our recent photoshoot. Filming with pets is just as fun and as chaotic as you would imagine. As a family owned, friendly vets, we think it's only right that our leaflets and website include all of our team and of course, their pets! We only employe pet owners at White Cross Vets so we thought it would be fun to bring the four-legged members of the family along for the ride. 

Behind the Scenes

Sarah, Archie and Elizabeth with Maggie and Dottie

White Cross Vets partnered Adam Chandler on our very entertaining shoot to create some new marketing content. As Adam says, most photographers are told never work with children or pets. There’s a good reason for this! While they are a bundle of fun, pets will do as they please on the shoot - you’ll have double trouble with kids involved.

“It certainly is a craft getting pets and people to work together”, said Adam.

As you can see, he got into the swing of things as the shoot went on.

Ashleigh on Photographing Gigantic Dogs

Our Client Care Co-ordinator Ashleigh (pictured below) reveals her experience "Usually, I find it very difficult to force a smile when I am getting my photograph taken, but as it turns out, on this photoshoot I wouldn’t have to fake my smile at all. I stepped on set with my sister Lauren and our two dogs, Bailey and Keefer and we laughed the whole way through."

Ashleigh with sister Lauren and Bailey and Keefer

"Handling two Rhodesian Ridgebacks is hard enough as it is, so when you have a man behind a camera squeaking a fuzzy toy and barking at your dogs, you can only imagine how that went. So, lesson learnt, we switched tactics. My dad became the distractor for the dogs with a handful of treats and a high-pitched voice yelling ‘this way boys!” which had myself and Lauren in hysterics. When you look back at the proofs, you can tell the moment my Dad stepped in with the massive grins across both of our faces."

"We thought getting the photos would be the challenging part of the day, until the videographer told me I was chosen to introduce the photoshoot and narrate throughout the video. As I am from Liverpool, I know my accent is hard enough to understand at the best of times, so as I tried my best to speak slowly and clearly, this seemed to get us chuckling even more on set with every take."

Jess with Clover, Jelly, Beanie and Flynn

"This just goes to show that none of our team are professional models or actors. Just a bunch of dedicated pet owners with our families making memories to share with our clients through our posters, Facebook posts and television slides. We are a family run business and you can really see this when we come together from all over the country for these fun photoshoots, and I am really excited to see how everyone’s photos turned out."

Watch Ashleigh in our Behind the Scenes of Our Team Photoshoot video.

Travelling Far and Wide

In all, we spent two days at the shoot near Manchester filming advice videos, recruitment videos and top tips for our facebook pages. All of the White Cross Vets team members travelled with their pets and families to lend a hand. As you can imagine, things got a bit hectic at times with all the pets, children and people joining in. At the end of it all, we were thrilled with the results of the shoot. We also had a lot of fun and an experience that the team will never forget.

Our New Videos!

Vanessa with Pip with Adam documents the photoshoot

Check out the finished products of our toil! One of the videos created is for the Complete Wellness Plan, a care package for pets covering all routine health care needs with unlimited free consultations and savings of up to £300 a year. Watch the Complete Wellness Plan Video here.

We have lots of informational videos on our YouTube channel with handy hints about caring for your pet. Find tips like how to put your cat in a carrier or how to choose the right pet insurance.  We are adding more videos to our channel all the time.

Find our channel here on YouTube and check out our Veterinary Advice playlist for lots of useful videos from Vanessa and the team at White Cross Vets.

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