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Welcome to the Widnes vet practice

We are delighted to announce the opening of our newest veterinary practice in Widnes in August 2016. The purpose built practice provides friendly, professional and efficient care for the cats, dogs, rabbits and other small pets of Widnes, Cheshire. We take the very best care of all the pets that visit us in our fully equipped and modern practices, and treat them as we would our own. Take a look inside, or scroll down to find out more about us.

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Mon-Fri: 8.30am – 7pm
Sat: 8.30am – 12.30pm

Call us: 0151 305 73330151 305 7333

Fir Park, Queensbury Way, Widnes WA8 9BD

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Widnes veterinary practice

All our team members are also pet owners, so they know how to look after pets properly and give great advice. As part of the White Cross Vets commitment to giving something back, we treat all school pets for free. Archie and his team makes regular visits to local schools to talk to young people about caring for pets.

The White Cross Widnes vets practice opened in August 2016 on Fir Park, next to the Observatory pub in Upton Rocks. The practice has been purpose built with dogs, cats and bunnies in mind to reduce stress levels.

There is plenty of parking at the practice so it is easy to drop by, meet the team and we'd like to take you on a tour of our practice so you can see where your pet will be treated. We offer a wide range of convenient appointment times, available six days per week. We hope to see you and your pets soon.

Whether you and your pet are visiting us for a free health check or surgery you will have access to expert veterinary care and advice from Archie and his friendly team.

Louise with Missy and Poppy

Louise with Missy and Poppy

Family Pet Care in Upton Rocks

Chloe with Toots

White Cross Vets have been caring for pets for over 75 years. Our independent, family-owned group of practices is committed to ensuring the very best in quality care and service for your pets.

Our team of caring vets and nurses are here to offer advice from choosing the most suitable family pet, through to routine vaccinations, health checks, neutering and medical problems, as well as understanding major surgery and senior care.

In our new Cheshire veterinary practice, the team who will look after your pets includes vets Archie and Louise  and Veterinary Nurses Helen and Chloe.


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Clinic information

– A highly experienced team of friendly vets and nurses

– Family-owned veterinary practice with 75 years pet care experience

– State-of-the-art surgeries with extensive facilities and the latest equipment

– Extended opening hours until 7pm – plus we’re open on Saturday

– Free pet care advice and free parking directly outside

– Full range of treatments from nail clipping to emergency operations

– Great value for money veterinary care in Widnes, Cheshire

We’re committed to ensuring the very best in quality care and service for all our patients and clients.

Our services


Operating theatre

In-house laboratory


Blood Pressure Monitor

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Ample free parking right outside the door

Operating theatre

An operating theatre with gaseous anaesthetic facility for surgical procedures


X-ray Generates digital 2-D images of bones and tissue

In-house laboratory

A range of analytical tests and equipment to assist in the rapid diagnosis of illness


A diagnostic blood test measuring key chemical markers to monitor organ function


A diagnostic blood test measuring the number and type of blood cells

Isolation unit

A room to separate and treat pets with contagious diseases

Hospital ward

A suite of custom-built kennels for the housing and monitoring of in-patients


A range of specialised equipment for use in dental procedures

Blood Pressure Monitor

Enables quick and simple monitoring of blood pressure


Generates 2-D moving images of your pets internal organs at work

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Our prices


Our Complete Wellness Plan includes unlimited free consultations so you can pop in with your pet as often as you like.

– Flea and Worm check £FREE

– Weight check £FREE

– Nurse Consultation £19

– Vet Consultation £27


All our Vaccinations include a full nose to tail health check with a fully qualified veterinary surgeon at the time of your pets vaccination and another free health check 6 months later. Read more about vaccinating your dog and vaccinations for your cat here.

– Vaccination Course – Dog WAS £45 NOW £30

– Booster – Dog WAS £35 NOW £15

– Vaccination Course – Cat WAS £50 NOW £30

– Booster – Cat WAS £38 NOW £15

– Vaccination – Rabbit WAS £40 NOW £15

– Six month health check £FREE


All pets on our Complete Wellness Plan receive a 50% discount off all the neutering prices listed below.

There are many health and behavioural benefits to neutering your dog if you have any questions speak to one of the team. Our standard neutering prices below include:

  • Two health checks in the days after the procedure to ensure your pet is healing nicely plus
  • Buster collar to prevent your pet from damaging the stitches whilst they heal
  • Additional pain relief to take home to soothe their recovery
  • Three tins of Hills i/d, a palatable recovery diet which is easy to eat and digest.

– Dog Castrate – Small £135

– Dog Castrate – Medium £150

– Dog Castrate – Large £165

– Dog Castrate – Extra Large £180

– Bitch Spay – Small £155

– Bitch Spay – Medium £175

– Bitch Spay – Large £195

– Bitch Spay – Extra Large £219

We highly recommend that a blood test is performed on the day of the anaesthetic, as a person would have before a similar surgery, to look for any underlying problems. We would also advise that your pet is kept on intravenous fluids, which not only makes the anaesthetic safer but allows for a more rapid and smoother recovery. These services are available for a combined discounted price of £40 (only in association with neutering) – please request them when you drop your pet off with us in the morning.

Spaying or castrating your cat can make them a more loving family pet, and the many health benefits mean they can live a longer healthier life. Our neutering prices for cats and rabbits include a health check in the days after the procedure to ensure your pet is healing nicely.

– Cat Castrate £45

– Cat Spay £55

– Rabbit Castrate £58

– Rabbit Spay £78

Pet dental services: dental care for dogs, cats and rabbits

We recommend you should have your pet’s teeth examined by one of our team on a regular basis. As many conditions are progressive, early identification is important.

A full dental check is included free with our Complete Wellness Plan.

If necessary, this should be followed up with a professional dental clean. Our team will then remove the tartar above and below the gumline and polish them, just like a dentist does for our teeth.

If certain teeth are so severely affected they cannot be saved, extractions will be necessary. Pets are usually able to go home on the same day.

– Dental health checks £FREE

– Scale & polish £99

– Dental with extractions £199

For more information on caring for your pets, including tips on good pet dental care and how to clean your pet’s teeth, read our advice pages.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Meet the team

What our clients say...

"Fabulous, friendly staff. Always recommend here."

- Catherine Ferguson

"Truly outstanding service and care. They listened to my situation and went beyond, what I could have expected at short notice, to help. My dog has been very well cared for by all the staff, I felt safe and confident leaving her for surgery and she was exceptionally well when I collected her. I came home with pain relief and a gorgeous, personally signed, get well soon card with post operative care instructions included. They've arranged follow up appointments at convenient times too. I can't thank them enough! Highly recommend."

- Christine Roche

"We took our old English mastiff as she was having problems with her legs , they were brill, unfortunately yesterday we had to take her back due to her having fits, unfortunately due to her age and other things we had to have her put to sleep, again we can not fault the vet and nurse , receptionist they stayed with us until the end and even give us time with poppy to say our goodbyes once she had gone xx"

- Caroline Sheridan

"I came home today from an exhausting day at work and was so touched when I opened the post and in one envelope was a beautiful, handwritten, thoughtful card of condolence from the White Cross Vets. Included in the card was a packet a forget-me-not flower seeds to plant in my garden in memory of Annie. The sentiments expressed in the card were so touching and thoughtful and to know that somebody took the time out of their busy schedule to put pen to paper to make me feel better, really brightened my day. Thank you ever so much, it really means a lot. You asked also about Annie's sister Elsie too, she's a little sad at the moment without her sister, so I will be getting another bunny playmate for her and I will certainly be bringing him or her to be looked after by yourselves. Thank you once again, what an amazing bunch of professionals ? xxxx"

- Marg Hussey

"My little Bichon Woody would not be here today if it wasn't for Lou & Archie, who have gone above & beyond the call of Duty, Thank you all, Gill Done"

- Gill Done

"First visit with my new puppy recieved fantastic service and advice from all staff... Thankyou so much. ?"

- Lucy Owen

"Brilliant took my little girls hamster on monday, lovely people and don't rip you off ?"

- Donna Hulme

"Where to start really - we could not as a family or pet owner have asked for more - thank you so much for your kindness, care and obvious love of working with animals who are so dear to us all as pets.
Sadly we had to bring our Big Fella - Oscar - big white boxer - into find out why he was not himself last few weeks and got the news sadly no pet owner wants to hear - I know he was a big ole fella but sadly prognosis was not a good one.
But each and everyone from the Receptionist to nurses to vets - especially Louise really really helped us and of course Oscar. To make that final decision is heart wrenching, gutting and we are heart broken losing him but they all helped us make his final journey peaceful, dignified and so so so supportive. And for that there are no words to say how much appreciated and thankful we are to you all.
Louise you are a star and wonderful - thank you - Oscar meant so much to us and he has left a huge big gap but you helped us and supported us and we could ask for no more than that.
Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts - Jardine Family on Old Upton Lane."

- Sharon Jardine

"Fantastic vets!! Louise is a wonderful caring vet! Would definitely recommend ?"

- Nicola J Crooks

"Took my very sick puppy Charlie to vets they suspected / treated him for lungworm....Louise and Stuart through their knowledge and expertise pulled him through this terrible illness....I cannot praise them enough....without their care and attention I don't think he would have pulled through....I'd like to thank you from the bottom of mine and Charlies hearts...Chloe and Helen were very friendly and showed honest concern for his welfare....I'd cannot recommend this vets highly enough...."

- Lorraine Jerram

"Thank you so much for looking after teddy today while having his dental especially archie. If it wasn't for yourselves teddy would still be in real pain.i would really recommend yourselves to other people. Thank you again and you will sure see me again eby said thank you also for her day our with teddy."

- Louise Froes

"We visited here on Thursday with my Jack Russel cross rescue dog. The vet (sorry can't remember his name) was fantastic. Lots of good advice and a lovely, friendly calming nature with my dog who is petrified and can be very aggressive when at the vets. Also a lovely touch was a sticker and colouring sheet for my little girl! Definitely pleased we have moved vet and will most certainly recommend!"

- Becky Stewart

"Really supportive with lots of good advice for our new puppy. Douglas wasnt phased by his first visit and loved all the attention. We called back in later in the week for a toy and he was wagging his tail the whole time, you cant ask for more than that!!"

- Tamla Cowin

"I recently registered with White Cross and took my 4 cats for their health checks and boosters all together. Vet nurse at reception was really friendly and helpful helping us in with all the carriers and sorting health plans. Then vet was lovely and patient with all the cats. Our Tiggy is nearly 16 and very timid. The vet was really gentle and patient with her. She made all the cats feel at ease. Would really like to thank all involved. You made us all feel very welcome and I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a new vets."

- Angela Barker

"Took my 2 rabbits for a vaccination as my friend recommended as my current vets price was £40 each a vaccination with no check up...white cross vets was £10 per bunny & this included a 15 min assessment of each bunny (weight, eyes, genital ares etc checked & a myxi vaccine for a year) absolutely brilliant service..highly recommended..please check them out"

- Michelle Brown

"Fantastic service...such caring friendly and helpful staff ?? x"

- Nicola White

"Really can't thank the staff enough nothing is too much effort lots of good advice looking after my bunnies X ?"

- Christine Roberts

"Our 2 rabbits recently caught myxomatosis and the vets did everything they could to save them but sadly and as expected they were too ill. We got a lovely condolence card through the post, with a thoughtful message and a packet of forget-me-not seeds. Today we have taken our dogs for their vaccines and the vet was lovely with them, very knowledgeable and gave them a thorough check. I would definitely recommend them."

- Jane McGregor Graham

"Took max for his 8 week jabs and the staff spoilt him rooten, he absolutly loved it there
Just on staff alone id recomend going again"

- Steve Donoghue

"Took my rescue dog,Oscar,for his first visit on Monday.Vet,Louise,and staff were wonderful."

- dee rowland

"Absolutely fantastic ! Marshall didn't seem to bother when having his needles some fantastic offers on and lovely friendly staff highly recommend a visit !!!!! very BIG WELL DONE TO YOU ALL"

- Joy Whelan

"Great atmosphere and very friendly. So glad you've opened do close to our home."

- Tina Moore

"Took max for his 8 week jabs and the staff spoilt him rooten, he absolutly loved it there
Just on staff alone id recomend going again"

- Dave Rob Litherland

"Widnes branch opened on Monday.....I went in to enquire as i.m due to get a new puppy soon....All the staff were brilliant....Very patient and explained everything... I have registered both my new puppy nd my existing pet dog......My sister is registering and also my sister in law aswell.....I was very impressed.."

- Sandra Connor

"Took my Dexter yesterday to have a look around, such a lovely place with lovely staff. We had a free check on Dexter too. Fabulous xx"

- Kirsty McCormack

"Took my quite shy/nervous 13 week old cockapoo in today I also had my daughter and niece with me and the staff were brilliant!!! Louise shown the girls round, checked Reggie over made us feel so at ease and he got so many treats he didn't want to leave....couldn't recommend them highly enough xx"

- Marie Evans

"Took Yukon and Luna for their first appointment today, great service and the staff were amazing with them. Luna is scared of strangers and can show fear aggression but Louise took lots of care and time working with her to gain her trust and get her settled, the staff gave both her and Yukon lots of attention and treats, the dogs really enjoyed being there. Brilliant staff, great vets:)"

- Kimberley Grimes

"Just took Bingo to have a look. Bingo is a bit nervous at the vets but they were all really friendly and were patient with her gaining her trust, she seemed to really settle down. Got a really good vibe from all the staff so we had no hesitation in registering"

- Michaela Fife

"Took Jarvis & Toby today and the service was excellent, staff are all really friendly. My dogs are both scared of vets after bad experiences elsewhere but they trusted the vet after he spent lots of time and treats to get to know them. Highly recommend. X x"

- Jacki Myers

"Our 2 rabbits recently caught myxomatosis and the vets did everything they could to save them but sadly and as expected they were too ill. We got a lovely condolence card through the post, with a thoughtful message and a packet of forget-me-not seeds. Today we have taken our dogs for their vaccines and the vet was lovely with them, very knowledgeable and gave them a thorough check. I would definitely recommend them"

- Jane McGregor Graham

Dotty gives the paws up

Out of hours service

We know that caring for pets is a full time, round-the-clock commitment. That’s why White Cross Vets provides year-round 24/7 emergency vet care through our trusted out-of-hours service partner.If your pet needs attention when the vets in Widnes is closed, please contact Vets Now:

Vets Now Emergency Ltd
Woolfall Heath Ave, Liverpool L36 3YD
Tel: 0151 480 2040

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Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 6pm – 8.30am
Saturday: 4pm – Monday 8.30am
Plus Bank Holidays

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