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Give them the longest, healthiest life possible with our Complete Wellness Plan

Your pet deserves the best. Give them the longest, healthiest life possible with our Complete Wellness Plan.

At White Cross Vets, we believe prevention is better than cure. The Complete Wellness Plan allows us to provide your pet with the very best possible preventative healthcare at an affordable and cost-effective monthly price, as well as providing us with the opportunity to discover the early signs of illness and disease.

Exclusive to White Cross Vets clients, the plan covers the cost of all the routine healthcare that your pet needs throughout the year, unlimited free consultations plus the most comprehensive annual physical examination available anywhere.

The Complete Wellness Plan includes:

  • Unlimited veterinary consultations* - so you could bring your pet in to see us every day if you wished!
  • Annual routine vaccinations
  • Kennel Cough vaccination for dogs
  • Microchip
  • Preventative Flea treatments
  • Preventative Worm treatments
  • Preventative Lungworm treatments for dogs
  • The Annual Comprehensive Physical Examination
  • Unlimited nail trims
  • 50% discount off the cost of neutering
  • 20% discount on dental procedures
  • 25% discount on Hill’s Pet Foods (the high quality pet food that we recommend),
  • 10% discount on toys and treats

What makes the White Cross Vets Complete Wellness Plan different?

As well as all the benefits listed above, your pet will receive an Annual Comprehensive Physical Examination that is the most thorough in the industry. They will spend the whole day with us, so we can give them a full MOT. We check the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and teeth; have a listen to the heart and lungs; have a feel of the abdomen and check the skin, coat and joints. We also take a blood and a urine sample. This is vital for detecting conditions like diabetes, anaemia or any liver or kidney dysfunction. These are conditions that, if we can pick up early, we stand a much better chance of treating successfully and effectively.

Is the Complete Wellness Plan a type of pet insurance?

It’s not pet insurance. Pet insurance is designed to cover all non-routine treatments, such as emergency surgery. The Complete Wellness Plan is designed to cover all of the routine healthcare and treatment that your pet needs throughout the year.

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How much does it cost?

The cost of routine treatments such as vaccinations, flea treatments and worming tablets can soon add up. The Complete Wellness Plan (alongside Petplan pet insurance) means that with two regular direct debits going out of your account every month, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that everything your pet needs to stay healthy is covered. So all you need to do is feed, walk and cuddle them.

Prices start at £16.95, payable monthly by direct debit. The minimum term is twelve months and there is a £10 registration fee (applicable for the account holder rather than individual pets).

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Are there any discounts if I have more than one pet?

There is no joining fee for each additional pet.




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